Benefits of Reach Ninja vs Others
Affordable Apps

Remove yourself from apps costing thousands, Reach Ninja is just $59/mo after a $299 setup fee.

No Learning Curve

Nothing to learn, we build it for you and handle all of the technical stuff, you just update your content.

Real-Time Updates

No waiting on the app store, you update, and the data is available to your users within seconds.

Offline Apps

No worries about connectivity. Once your data is loaded on a phone, it will always be there.

Easy Updates

No waiting on your developer, no complication, just log in to your Reach account, and update.

Tailor Made

We custom build your mobile app, no need to worry if a drag and drop tool has what you need.

Flexible Design

We can design your app to suit your needs, or use your own artwork to build it!

Small Business Ready

Our platform is designed to suit small business needs and work with your marketing plan.

Features Available for Reach Ninja Apps

Get coupons to your customers without printing and distribution costs, while being environmentally friendly!

Loyalty Rewards

Save money and bring your business into the digital age with a mobile loyalty rewards card.

Info Pages

HTML pages embedded in your app, these can be customized with your design and functionality needs.


Promote events on your app, perfect for recurring or one-time events at your location or elsewhere.


Let your customers know what's going on in your world. Send notifications via your app.


Keep detailed information about multiple store locations, event locations, and more.

Contact Forms

Customize your perfect contact form, let users request a quote, send in comments, and more.

GPS Addresses

Users can tap your address and open up their default GPS app on their phone to get directions to you.

Phone Numbers

The ultimate in user convenience. Allow users to click your phone number and dial automatically.

Detailed Schedules

Does your conference have multiple speakers per session? Reach Ninja handles this with ease.

Event Sponsors

Feature your event sponsors on your app and give them a reason to keep sponsoring you!

Event Exhibitors

Reach Ninja handles events and conferences with ease, even including a place for exhibitors.


Track market penetration, app usage, what kind of phones your users have, and more.

Need More?
It's impossible to list everything that Reach Ninja can do for you. The platform has many capabilities, so if you are needing another feature in your app, let us know and we'll see what we can do. Some examples to get your mind rolling? We can attach your website to the Reach platform so when you update your app, your website gets updated as well. We also have a very powerful data storage system that can hold custom data uploaded from excel spreadsheets, and displayed on your app how you need. We are always updating the service as well, so new features may pop up at any time. Maybe we're building the thing you need right now!

Heard Enough?

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$299 setup fee


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