Dance Studio Mobile Apps for iOS and Android!

Dance Studio Apps

Connect with your dancers and parents where they spend their time, on their smartphone!

Save time and money sending out notes and answering questions with a custom mobile app built just for your studio that your dancers can download from the Apple App Store and Google Play!

Reach out to your dance parents and surrounding community, let them know when and where your upcoming recitals are, how to contact you to start class, and more!

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Live Demo Dance Studio App: Styles Dance Centre for iOS, for Android
How does this benefit my studio?

You need to keep your dancers, dance parents, and community up to date all of the time. Many studios send out notes, make announcements, or just update their website to do so. These messages can get lost, forgotten, and websites are not always easily accessible when busy people are out and about.

A mobile app for your dance studio is a valuable source of information that your dancers and parents have access to all the time with a single tap on their iPhone or Android phone, which represents over 96% of all smartphones.

Putting out a note on your app will give everyone at your studio instant, easily sortable access to information. This keeps people happy, and lowers your need to answer questions over and over.

Need more info? Take a look at our Case Study on the topic.

How do you update your info? Reach Ninja Apps include a content management system for your mobile app. That means you can log in and control the content on your app, add notes, change contact information, etc. Update through the Reach Ninja management console, and information gets pushed to your app immediately! No complicated steps, no code, no waiting on us, just update whenever you need to!

How Reach Ninja Apps work to control your dance studio app
Dance Studio Mobile Apps for iOS and Android!
How much does a dance studio app cost?


Setup Fee: $499

No hidden costs, no other fees. We'll take care of everything, including publishing your app on iOS and Android.

Why so cheap?

Traditional mobile apps have ran upwards of $150,000 (yes, you read that right). But we have come a long way since then. We have built everything from scratch, including the back-end, using the latest and most efficient technologies available today. By cutting out all of the middle-men, and streamlining our processes, we can bring you these apps for an extremely affordable price!

I already have a website and a yellow page ad, isn't that enough?

Not anymore! Just as phonebooks and mail-order became obsolete with the progression of the internet, people are now using smartphones to access information and services more than desktop computers.

This change is happening right now! Imagine what it would be like not to have a website today. That's what it will be like to not have a mobile presence tomorrow!

As for yellow pages, when's the last time you used a phonebook for something other than a paperweight? Everything is digital now, your customers certainly know this, and you should be where they are looking for your dance studio.

A dance studio app can provide real-time information to everyone in a way that no other technology can. Use your app to update all of your dance families and stop answering the same questions over and over!

Mobile users are overtaking desktop users
Have Questions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my app be available on iPhone and Android?
Yes! We will take care of publishing your app to both app stores so your app will be available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play!

How do I update my app?
Once your app is ready, you will sign into your account here at Reach Ninja, where you can add or edit all of the information for your app.

Is this service appropriate for my organization?
Yes! If you are looking to get a mobile app for your small business, non-profit organization, social club, event, or gathering to connect with your customers/members, and provide them with useful information in a timely manner, this will work for you!

Why is this service better than (DIY services)?
We take care of all of the technical work and allow you to update your apps yourself, just like DIY services, but we also offer more flexibility than them, because they use template builders and drag-and-drop tools. We custom build your mobile app from scratch.

My company app idea is rather complicated, can you still build it?
If your app is outside the scope of an Easy Mobile application, please contact us directly.

Have more questions? Contact Us.

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